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Wooden Duck Entertainment is a music and event collaborative based in New York's Capital Region. 

We are founded on a decade and a half of industry experience and a life time of friendship. What began as a group of high school friends quickly evolved into one of the regions most recognized rock bands. Over the past 15 years our evolution has been matched both musically and professionally.


Now as Wooden Duck Entertainment, we provide a number of acts and arrangements that allow us to cater to any event of any size. Wither you need an acoustic act, a national tour opener or a wedding band, Wooden Duck has a custom entertainment solution build to fit your needs.

However, it doesn't stop there. Through years of collaboration we have a built a high-end network of venues, promoters and more. We have the capacity to schedule, manage and produce your dream event. 

The limit is the sky and the flock is ready to fly.

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